Our Team

Everyone on our team shares a deep love of animals and a desire to make a difference for the natural world.

We are fully doxxed! In NFT lingo, this means that although we may sometimes go by our avatars and Twitter handles, we are transparent about our true identities. This was an intentional decision, so that our community can trust that we are credible and accountable. Feel free to check out our LinkedIn profiles below.

Alicia (aka Cosmic)
Alicia is the founder and artist for the Cosmic Birds of Ornithia. She is a wildlife biologist with a graduate degree in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology from Columbia University. Alicia has worked in the field of wildlife conservation for over 14 years, including serving in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. As a lifelong animal and bird lover, one of the highlights of her life and career was conducting research on birds in the Peruvian Amazon.
Charles (aka Creative Viking)

Charles is a collaborator on the Cosmic Birds of Ornithia project. A content creator with a passion for science and nature and a background in oil painting, he first entered the NFT space as a 1/1 artist in 2021. Creativity and curiosity are his core values, and he loves sharing his journey into the arts, science, and Web3 on TikTok. Charles is a combat veteran who spent 15 years in the Army Reserves, and his hobbies include exploring nature, fossil hunting, and foraging. He co-hosts Ornithia’s weekly Twitter space with Alicia every Tuesday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

Jon Wong

Jon is the developer for the Cosmic Birds of Ornithia. He’s been knee-deep building in the Solana ecosystem, most recently building out the Orcanauts – another impact-driven NFT project. Jon is deeply familiar with technologies like React, Webpack, and GraphQL, and enjoys teaching others about them, too.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Yazzy for her hard work and invaluable contributions to building this website!

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