The Ornithian Solar System

Ornithia is a mysterious solar system that was just discovered. In this world, birds are the dominant life forms…but they are not normal birds. They are hyperintelligent with self awareness, culture, language, and mystical powers. Most importantly, they evolved the ability to fly in space, migrating from planet to planet. Since birds already have the ability to fly, it was only a small evolutionary step for them to develop inter-planetary flight.

It’s currently a scientific mystery how the cosmic birds got to Ornithia, but their close association with the bird families on Earth has led some scientists to theorize that they originated long ago here on Planet Earth.

From the initial planet that they landed on, they have now colonized the entire Ornithian Solar System. They now migrate easily between planets for more favorable weather, better access to resources like food and shelter, and even recreational travel.

Planets & Moons

The Ornithian Solar System is comprised of seven solid planets (no gas giants) and three moons. The planets are mysterious and magical – unlike anything we’ve seen on Earth. Each planet has its own character and unique set of biomes and habitats. For example:

  • Planet 2 is dark and enigmatic, with habitats like the Bog of Ego-Death and the Savannah of Anti-Matter
  • Planet 5 is dreamy and ethereal, with places like the Rainforest of Lucid Dreams and Dopamine Atoll
  • Planet 6 is home to some of the most inhospitable habitats in Ornithia, like the Isle of Gamma Rays and the River of Vitreous Humor

Having been so recently discovered, the planets are currently unnamed, being only referred to simply as Planets 1 through 7. We will need the help of our community to name the planets, in accordance with the Interplanetary Astronomical Union’s naming conventions.


Cosmic birds have domesticated the arthropods (insects) of this solar system and keep them as pets. These animals have special powers of their own and cool names like the Genie firefly and the Cheshire roly-poly. Like all pets, they are more than just sidekicks — they are friends!


When ingested, many of the fruits, plants, and fungi of Ornithia are capable of producing alternate states of consciousness. Cosmic birds cultivate and consume Entheogens such as Glitterberries and Metamorphic Mangoes to have spiritual experiences and unlock otherworldly visions. Each Entheogen provides its own mind-expanding experience, and most birds have a preferred Entheogen that they consider their “ally”.

Entheogens are a deep part of Ornithians’ history and tradition. Long ago, they helped the cosmic birds unlock their third eye and see the sacred geometries in the sky, which they now use to navigate between planets.

Sky Geometries

Long ago, the ancestors of the Cosmic Birds of Ornithia discovered and named 27 geometric patterns they observed in the sky, similar to how our human ancestors named the constellations visible from Earth. Twenty-seven also happens to be the number of star signs in the Indian calendar. These sky geometries hold secret keys to ancient wisdom, and are named after the Coelurosaurian (i.e. feathered dinosaurs) predecessors of modern birds, like Archaeopteryx and Oviraptor.

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