Mission & Vision

  • Mission: To grow appreciation for real world birds and scientific discovery through the cosmic world of Ornithia
  • Vision: For humans to live in harmony with the estimated 8 million+ other species with whom we share Planet Earth

Real-world impact

We are excited for Cosmic Birds to help wildlife here on Earth. 25% of the profits from our NFT launch will be put into a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and used to start our own wildlife conservation nonprofit organization. Learn more about our founder’s experience in wildlife conservation.


In order to stay true to our value of sustainability, we have chosen to launch on the  Solana blockchain. Solana is remarkably energy efficient, with one transaction consuming less energy than two Google searches. Just compare one Solana transaction of 1939 Joules to a Bitcoin transaction of 7,412,400,000 Joules! Solana is also dedicated to offsetting their energy consumption, having achieved carbon neutrality in December 2021.

Our Values


Everyone is welcome to join us on our expeditions to Ornithia! We encourage and appreciate diversity in our community.


Ornithians are always warm, friendly, and helpful to one another.

Respect for Life

Ornithians show deep respect for all life forms, both on Ornithia and Planet Earth. 


Collaboration is key to any scientific pursuit. Ornithians work together and openly share their findings with each other and the world.

Lifelong learning

Ornithians are perpetual students of the universe! We never stop learning and growing.

Keep exploring…

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