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We are weathering the current bear market by focusing on building community and increasing our visibility. We will announce the presale and main sale launch dates only once we feel we have a strong and invested community. Beforehand, there will be various opportunities to win or earn a free cosmic bird.

There are 5000 cosmic birds waiting to be discovered!

Before our official launch, there are several opportunities to win or earn a free cosmic bird! Some have already been given out. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay updated on any contests or giveaways.

Once we are ready to launch, there will be an allowlist + premint for our early adopters, followed by a main sale for the public.

Each Cosmic Bird NFT comes with TWO high quality image files:

  • A square image containing the bird set against a sky geometry and background. This image has no text and is sized perfectly to be used as a profile picture (PFP).
  • The square image of the bird set within a Species Record card. This species record card contains important data about the bird, including its common and scientific name, the date it was discovered, the planet and habitat where it was observed, its size, and preferred Entheogen. Check out our Lore to learn more about Entheogens and Arthropets.

We want to be flexible, depending on what the market looks like at the time of launch, but as of now, the price will be around 1 or 2 SOL.

You will need to set up a Phantom wallet ahead of the launch date. It is free and takes about 5 minutes to set up. These instructions will guide you step by step.

And remember -- never ever share your seed / secret phrase with anyone!

We will be listing on MagicEden and possibly also on OpenSea.

Several reasons:

  1. The strength of the Metaplex Protocol - Solana's smart contract and metadata standard
  2. Close-to-zero gas fees
  3. The sustainability of the Solana Blockchain (see next Q)

If you've ever heard people saying that cryptocurrency and/or NFTs are not environmentally friendly, that's because of the high energy costs associated with certain blockchains. BUT. It's important to understand that not all blockchains are created equal!

We've chosen to launch our project on the Solana blockchain because of its energy efficiency. One Solana transaction is the energy equivalent of two Google searches, plus, they achieved carbon neutrality in December 2021. Learn more about our value of Sustainability here.

Are you an NFT newbie? Here are some helpful resources:

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